STRAW L - Coffee table

This coffee table is perfect to locate in front of the sofa as a central piece of furniture. Its shape has some canals where you can save small objects inside. This is the middle size table from the Straw Collection. Easily place large books on the bottom grooves.

C01. Cocoa brownC01. Cocoa brownC04. Ocean blueC04. Ocean blueC05. Cloudy blueC05. Cloudy blueC06. Foggy greyC06. Foggy greyC07. Autumn GreenC07. Autumn GreenC08. Olive greenC08. Olive greenC09. Stone GreyC09. Stone GreyC10. Nacar whiteC10. Nacar whiteC11. Mustard yellowC11. Mustard yellowC14. Natural blackC14. Natural black

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Straw is a collection that takes inspiration from the South African huts, its roofs are made with some metal sheets that follow a wriggling movement. The shape has been used to design this collection composed by three different tables.

Straw L, the medium one, is a coffee table made of a mild-steel folded and welded sheet. Then it is covered by powder coating paint and a transparent varnish layer that protects it from external damages. This low rectangular table is designed with a unique zig zag shape that is repeated more on the top, than on the lower part. These canals let you save small objects inside them, for example the mobile phone or the remote control, and some books in the inside canals.  This piece of metal furniture can be rotated, so you can decide which position you prefer: with less canals on the top part, with more flat surface is ideal to put some cups or plates on it, or more canals getting a more distinguished aesthetic. Choose how you want it.

This low rectangular table is available in 16 different colours, you will have to decide which one fits better for you and your house. We want to offer a wide range of colours to find your ideal tone. When you get your coffee table you will find attached some pieces of a soft material which you will have to glue on the bottom of the auxiliary table, the one that is in contact with the ground. These pieces protect the floor from scratches that can appear when you move the piece of metal furniture around the room. At this moment you will have to decide the most convenient position for you, the one that have more or less gaps. This low rectangular table is very versatile, you can locate it as a central piece of furniture in front of the sofa, at the living room, to use as a main piece. Moreover, this coffee table won’t be to be moved very often, it works as a static table in the center of the room.

Additional information

Dimensions 35 × 90 × 55 cm

C01. Cocoa brown, C02. Dark grape, C03. Mallow, C04. Ocean blue, C05. Cloudy blue, C06. Foggy grey, C07. Autumn Green, C08. Olive green, C09. Stone Grey, C10. Nacar white, C11. Mustard yellow, C12. Metalized beige, C13. Metalized Cooper, C14. Natural black

Designed by

Nurjannah Omer ®2010 Registered Design


2 years Warranty