STRAW D - Low coffee table

This square side table is ideal to locate in front of the sofa and place small objects on it. The perfect addition to your living room space, a combination of versatile functionality and nordic style simplicity.

C01. Cocoa brownC01. Cocoa brownC04. Ocean blueC04. Ocean blueC05. Cloudy blueC05. Cloudy blueC06. Foggy greyC06. Foggy greyC07. Autumn GreenC07. Autumn GreenC08. Olive greenC08. Olive greenC09. Stone GreyC09. Stone GreyC10. Nacar whiteC10. Nacar whiteC11. Mustard yellowC11. Mustard yellowC14. Natural blackC14. Natural black

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Straw D is the largest of the Coloured tables. It will give a modern touch and will change your living room personality; it will surely be an eye-catching low coffee table. It has the perfect comfort high and a nice inner storage space for any kind of objects. The signature pattern of this square side table, made by zig-zag grooves, allow you place small objects like the remote control or your mobile phone on them, and use the inside space for your largest books and bigger decoration items.

This low coffee table was designed combining minimalistic traces and architectural structure features. The colour and finishes end up gifting the big auxiliary table with a unique character and personality. It is available in 16 different colours, from bright white, somber neutrals to the colourful and quirky. The Coloured palette evolves together with the interior design tendencies. We offer a wide chromatic scale, so you can be sure you will find the color that suits your home best. And, if you would not find it, we would do create it specially for you.

Straw D is a very resistant big auxiliary table, it is produced by folding and welding mild steel. To get the perfect finish of this square side table, it is first powder painted, treated on the oven and double layered by a transparent varnish to assure a better scratch protection. The table comes with a small envelope containing felt feet, eventually you might decide to stick them on the bottom to protect the floor and furniture from possible scratches.

Straw is a collection created by the Cape Town born designer Nurjannah Omer. She got the inspiration from the South African architecture of rural settlements, from the endless zig-zag metal rooftops from the most humble neighborhoods, it is a tribute to his people. We find this shape in three different sized Straw tables.

Additional information

Dimensions 35 × 100 × 90 cm
Designed by

Nurjannah Omer ®2010 Registered Design


C01. Cocoa brown, C02. Dark grape, C03. Mallow, C04. Ocean blue, C05. Cloudy blue, C06. Foggy grey, C07. Autumn Green, C08. Olive green, C09. Stone Grey, C10. Nacar white, C11. Mustard yellow, C12. Metalized beige, C13. Metalized Cooper, C14. Natural black