HIDDEN BOOK - bookshelf

This living room shelf is designed as a modular system, allows you to fix as many modules as your room needs.



C01. Cocoa brownC01. Cocoa brownC04. Ocean blueC04. Ocean blueC05. Cloudy blueC05. Cloudy blueC06. Foggy greyC06. Foggy greyC07. Autumn GreenC07. Autumn GreenC08. Olive greenC08. Olive greenC10. Nacar whiteC10. Nacar whiteC14. Natural blackC14. Natural black

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Hidden Book is a very efficient modular shelf. It works perfect for large walls by adding as much modules as you need and in more reduced spaces such as corridors thanks to the angled shape. This bookshelf design has a very important feature: its 25 degrees core angle. Using this angle, the shelf turns very elegant and the volume is reduced dramatically. This is a very interesting point of the product, the living room shelf is perfect for wide spaces but it is also ideal for reduced places like corridors. At the same time, the maths makes their magic on this modular shelf by hiding the books when you look from the front of it, making a design that has functionality but also adds a clean and pure aesthetic to the product.

This living room shelf is available in eight different colours. All of them combine perfectly with the inner wood shelves. The available array of colours has been selected according to the latest interior design trends. You will find from elegant and deep colours to fresh and alive tones.

The inner shelfs are made by oak wood and varnished after to improve their durability. The structure has small pins that guide the shelfs to avoid screws. This living room shelf can be fixed to the wall with the books facing to the right or to the left. This give flexibility to your decoration needs.

Hidden Book has been produced by a folded and welded mild steel sheet. It is powder coated with the paint colour that each client chooses. It is finally varnished with a transparent coating that will give an extra protection against possible scratches.

This bookshelf design and its modular system have been created by Jordi Ferrer, product designer from Barcelona. Jordi always look for clean and practical designs.

Additional information

Dimensions 120 × 46 × 16 cm

C01. Cocoa brown, C04. Ocean blue, C05. Cloudy blue, C06. Foggy grey, C07. Autumn Green, C08. Olive green, C09. Stone Grey, C10. Nacar white, C14. Natural black

Designed by

Jordi Ferrer ®2010 Registered Design


2 years Warranty