CUBE SHELF - bookshelf

This modern shelf is elegant and pragmatic, ideal for your bedroom, living room or kitchen.

C01. Cocoa brownC01. Cocoa brownC04. Ocean blueC04. Ocean blueC05. Cloudy blueC05. Cloudy blueC06. Foggy greyC06. Foggy greyC07. Autumn GreenC07. Autumn GreenC08. Olive greenC08. Olive greenC10. Nacar whiteC10. Nacar whiteC14. Natural blackC14. Natural black

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Cube Shelf is a polyvalent product, thanks to its sizes and clean design will work perfectly in any of the house rooms: from your living room to your bedroom. It will be handy to store your phone, the last books that you read, etc. It has a good capacity and will become the modern shelf that you need for your office.

This design shelf has a minimalist yet powerful aesthetics, it will give a touch to your room, will bring personality. The bookshelf can be easily combined by hanging one after the other. A very functional product thanks to the different shelves where you can place from books, photo frames and other decorative objects.

This modern shelf is basically formed by two main pieces: the aluminum structure and the oak wood central shelf. The structure has a flat surface to fix the shelf to the wall, which is covered just after by the wood that it is guided in. We offer this bookshelf in 8 different colors, all of them combine perfectly with the oak tone. Our chromatic range has from calm and elegant colors to deep and autumn tones. Check wich color fits better with your home style, if you don’t find the right tone, we will help you.

This design shelf is an elegant and lasting piece, the metal structure is produced on curved aluminum to ensure the stability and in aluminum to make the product lighter. The colour chosen is powder coated, it’s brought to the oven to ensure the right fixing.

This shelf design is created by Jordi Ferrer. The idea behind this product was a personal dilemma, he needed a storage product for his kitchen, and he could only find cabinets and sterile shelfs. This is how this product was designed: combining the storage capacity of a cabinet with the minimalistic look of a simple shelf.

Additional information

Dimensions 44 × 70 × 15 cm

C01. Cocoa brown, C04. Ocean blue, C05. Cloudy blue, C06. Foggy grey, C07. Autumn Green, C08. Olive green, C09. Stone Grey, C10. Nacar white, C14. Natural black

Designed by

Jordi Ferrer ®2016 Registered Design


2 years Warranty