coloured ˈkʌləd/

1. Having a colour or colours, especially as opposed to being black, white or neutral. 

2. In South Africa: used as an ethnic label for people of mixed decent.

South African people were identified according to their race.  You could be classified as white, black or from diverse origins (coloured).

Today, at Coloured® we suport diversity. The brand pays homage to the beauty of people of mixed heritage.  We are passionate about the cultural mix, sharing ideas and experimenting together. 

Our philosophy is to design globally and produce locally. We look for passionate people to design unique sustainable products together. We are 100% respectful to the environment and our society. We are not just another brand. We get involved on social projects. We are currently providing scholarships for kids via“Por una sonrisa en África “ project in Senegal. These children form an integral part of our family, they are the future.


From the studio in Barcelona, we like to invite artist and professionals from all over the world to share ideas and create new products together. The Coloured creatives are culturally diverse artists and professionals who love what they do. 

Jordi Ferrer
Nurjannah Omer
Cape Town
Yasser Booley
Cape Town
Laura Sala
Diego Fernández


Every piece of furniture sold enables us to create one more sponsorship for children around the globe. Currently we are enthusiastically supporting “Por Una Sonrisa en África”, a NGO from Senegal. Our family is growing.